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A Welcoming Christian Church in Southaven, MS

Looks like a house...Feels like a home!

Welcome to Graceland Christian Church, where everyone is accepted with a smile and open arms. Although we may be a smaller congregation, we have the spirit of a group twice our size. You can hear our love for Jesus Christ in the songs sung by our choir, the words spoken by our pastors, and the lessons taught by our Christian educators. Come join us this Sunday and add your voice to our service.

Here at our Christian church in Southaven, MS, we are dedicated to sharing our adoration of Jesus Christ with all who walk through our doors. Regardless of your past, you’ll find a home among the friendly and compassionate people who worship with us every week. Our dynamic congregation consists of people of all ages and all backgrounds with one shared goal: to promote a lifelong passion for Christian education and devotion.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions or for more information about our religious and church services. And don’t forget to join one of our weekly classes or worship with us on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM. Our congregation and pastoral team look forward to meeting and getting to know you.

 Contact us today to learn more about our Christian church. We are proud to be located in Southaven, Mississippi.

About Us - Disciples of Christ in Southaven, MS

The Graceland Christian Church (Disciples of Christ in Southaven, MS,) originated on the American Frontier during the early 19th Century. We are often referred to as the most “American” of Christian denominations because the ideals of the “Spirit of ’76” had a major impact on our beginnings. Our first leaders were Barton Stone, Thomas Campbell, and Alexander Campbell; Presbyterians who reacted against sectarian frontier religion and urged a union of all Christians founded upon the restoration of New Testament Christianity. They advocated believer’s baptism by immersion and weekly observance of The Lord’s Supper.

Worship service styles vary from congregation to congregation, but all Disciples congregations observe The Lord’s Supper each Sunday. The symbol of our denomination is a chalice bearing the X shaped cross of St. Andrew. The chalice represents the centrality of the Lord’s Supper and the St. Andrew’s cross symbolizes our Scottish Presbyterian heritage. 

Disciples live by the admonition, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials liberty; in all things, love.” Creeds may be used in worship and Christian education, but they are not seen as tests of fellowship. We hold that the scriptures witness to all things necessary for salvation, and we encourage each person to study the scriptures and to seek God’s will for their life. The unity of all Christians continues to be held before us as our “polar star.” The Christian Church has always served as a “bridge church” or a common ground for people with diverse denominational backgrounds.

As Disciples of Christ in Southaven, MS, we believe that all people are created by God and therefore entitled to respect and freedom. Freedom to think for ourselves, govern our own congregations, interpret the Bible in our contexts. “Unity with diversity” has long been a motto. We value open discussion, even disagreement, as we seek to interpret and express our understanding of God’s will for ourselves and our society. While we do not confuse unity with uniformity, “Unity for all Christians” is indeed a polar star. We believe God seeks the reconciliation of all divided peoples…whether by age, race, gender, nationality, or any other human division. As Disciples, we also believe in individual responsibility… that every member is a minister, responsible to use their spiritual gifts in the service of God’s mission.

For more information about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ in Southaven MS, ) visit the Disciples.org website.


Find a family at Graceland Christian Church.  We are a small but mighty, multi-generational congregation.  Our friendly and welcoming faces tell the story of Graceland Christian Church.


To be and share the love of Christ to those we meet.


Pastor Ken has been preaching lately about what would Jesus do … We need to consider what we would do...about poverty, about inclusion, about discrimination, about loneliness.  Join us for worship and begin becoming what you would like to be.

Bring Christ To Those Who Need Him in Southaven, MS

Graceland Christian Church was founded in October 1956 as a mission to the Whitehaven area of Memphis. The church began in the community room of the Whitehaven Plaza and moved from there to the home of Mrs. Ruth Brown Moore, who had donated 5 acres of her property on which to build the new church. While plans were being developed for the church building to help bring Christ to those who need him in Southaven, MS, Mrs. Moore sold the house to a rather famous Memphian. With renovations starting on the house the church became a bit nomadic, moving back to the community room and then to a pavilion which they transformed from a Saturday night dance hall to a sanctuary for Sunday worship. It was a welcome day when they could move into the new building. Oh, did we mention that Mrs. Moore’s home had a name which it retains today? That home is known worldwide as Graceland, home and last resting place of Elvis Presley. The home and the church bear the name Graceland to honor Miss Grace Toof, the daughter of the original owner.


For thirty-three years, Graceland Christian Church ministered to folks bring Christ to those who need him in Southaven, MS. When Elvis Presley Enterprises began to expand their facilities, the church building was decommissioned and sold. The members of Whitehaven Presbyterian Church graciously offered their chapel as a meeting place while a new permanent home was sought.


In 1989 the church moved to its present location at 2126 Stateline Road East in Southaven, Mississippi and continued its ministry to those near and far. Two building programs took the church from meeting in the “front room” of the house to meeting in a building designed for multiple activities and then into a sanctuary for Sunday worship. The prayers and hard work of many people continue to sustain the congregation and its ministries. Our history includes stories too numerous to mention here, but just ask someone, and they will be pleased to tell you our stories.


We have been blessed with the talents of eleven gifted Senior Ministers and several very gifted Associate and Student Ministers in the course of our history. These ministers encouraged, and continue to encourage, our mission to bring Christ to those who need him in Southaven, MS. Throughout the history of the church, people from all walks of life have worked together to further this mission.  Sixty-three years and counting, the history of Graceland Christian Church is still being written.

Meet the Team

Christian Church in Southaven, MS

Ken Sipley

It’s a blessing to be associated with a congregation so committed to serving Christ in this fellowship.  Graceland Christian Church is a caring community committed to following Jesus Christ wherever he may lead.

Pastor Ken's Blog

Mary Sipley

Since I am the organist/choir director at Tunica United Methodist Church I do not get to attend Graceland Christian with you.  Becoming the church secretary at Graceland has given me the opportunity to get to know you all better.  I am grateful for this.

Zak Klinck

I have been the Director of Music since January, 2018. Prior to that I served as pianist for about 5 years. My family has belonged to Graceland since 2003. In that time I have served as a Deacon, Elder, Board Chair and various other capacities. Music has been a part of my life since beginning piano lessons in the 3rd grade. Professionally, I have worked for FedEx Express since April, 2001. My current position is running the fatigue risk management program for the pilots. 


Angie Rose

  • I accompany the choir and play on Sundays for the congregation.  I have been doing this at Graceland for two years. I had previously worked at a Catholic church of around 1500 families. Graceland’s comparably small congregation has produced a large, talented choir that approaches songs with joy and a big dose of goofiness. They are unconcerned by perfection while at the same time managing to get pretty darn close very often. They are a delight to play for! Previous musical knowledge is not required.  If you love singing, join us, things will soak in by musical osmosis. 

In addition to church work, I have been teaching piano from my home for nearly twenty years. Feel free to ask me about my brilliant, above-average piano students and my stunning grandchild. 


 I have been with the church since 1998. My current role is Children's Church Leader & Nursery attendant. I love children & I love teaching them about God's love for them, as well as the ways & teachings of Jesus. I consider Graceland my home and I love all of my church family... and our Potlucks are my FAVORITE! 

What We Do

Graceland Christian Church                     

                          2126 E Stateline Rd, Southaven, MS 38671 / 662-342-6098         


Greetings from Graceland Christian Church!

We hope this letter finds you well. We are reaching out to our community to say “Hello!” and to let you know who we are, and about our Community Outreach Ministries.

Graceland Christian Church has brought Christ to the Southaven, MS community for 33 years. Over these years, we have seen many changes in our community. We are responding to our community’s needs with outreach ministries.

1.     The 1st Saturday Clothes Closet – Lending a helping hand in our community by providing clothes for those in need. Open 9am until Noon on the 1st Saturday of every month. We have clothes for men, women & children.

2.       Graceland’s Superstar Tutoring Program – Free Tutoring sessions for children in grades K-5 held every Saturday from 10-11am. Specialized tutoring is based on the specific needs of each student.

3.    Monthly Collection Drive – Collections of food items, school supplies & Christmas gifts for charities like the Olive Branch Food Pantry, The Samaritans, & the Pregnancy Center.

4.    Community Garden– Providing fresh vegetables to the Olive Branch Food Pantry. Families are invited to plant & care for a portion of the garden to produce food for themselves.  All we ask for is a 10% donation of their reaping, which will go to the Olive Branch Food Pantry.

5.    Little House Art Project – The ARC Northwest Mississippi sponsors guided Art classes for ages 12 & up, on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am - Noon. Classes cater to special needs students, as well as non-special needs students. The cost is $20 & all supplies are included. For more information, please visit thearcnwms.org/little-house-art-project

6.    Prayer Box– Providing a Prayer Box in front of our marquee for our community. Prayers are collected & shared during Sunday service, then added to our prayer lists. Prayers may be left anonymously, if desired.

7.    Wednesday Night Bible Study/Choir Practice – Join us every Wednesday night for Bible Study from 6pm to 7pm, and Choir Practice from 7pm to 8pm.

8.    Meeting Facilities – Provided for non-profit organizations such as Girl Scouts, AA/Al-Anon, local dance groups, and a community choir.

Graceland Christian Church is dedicated to sharing our love for Christ with all who walk through our doors. Please reach out to us anytime with questions, or to request information about our ministries.

Graceland Christian Church


Looks like a house, feels like a home!

Join us for worship on Sundays at 11am, in-person, or live online, via Facebook.

Search Facebook for “Graceland Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Visit our website: gracelandchristianchurch.org


Our Calendar

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How We Govern Ourselves

We are self-governing.  Every month we have a Board Meeting with those who hold office in the congregation.  At any time, others may join us. Minutes of our Board meeting will be posted here.

      Board Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2022

Present:  Ken Sipley, Zak Klinck, Kathryn Purdy, Andy Rushing, Ken Sipley, Monica Turnmire, Jane Alred, Charlotte Howard, Janie Basford, Will Vance, Jan and Don Harris

Jan opened in prayer.

New board officers were presented – Board Chair – Mike Brower, Vice Chair – Zak Klinck, Secretary – Jan Harris, Financial Secretary – Jane Alred, Treasurer – Kathryn Purdy

Minutes for last month’s board meeting were approved as printed.

Financials – Kathryn reported all bills have been paid with money still left over.  Report approved as presented.  Jane reported the following balances – Garden Fund - $98.00, Repair Fund - $610.00, Discretionary Fund - $450.00, Savings - $4262.50.  With the total in checking of $4368.46 we are set to begin the new year.

Mission to Neighbor – Charlotte will continue for another year.  There was no clothes closet in January but it will be up and running in February.  Tutoring has gotten off to a slow start but it is anticipated the numbers will grow as schools reopen and it is realized how much the kids have missed.  There will be a big push for summer tutoring.  Charlotte said the garden plot will be prepared in February with planting to begin in March.

It has been decided to offer devotional material to prisoners.  Staples will need to be removed. 

 Mission to Family – Kathryn will continue to chair.  She is concerned because there have not been any children at the offered Sunday School classes.  She has personally invited several families with children but there are no takers.  What is she to do?  It was  decided that we will continue to invite and prepare.  A sign-up sheet will be posted for volunteers.  Classes will now begin at 10:00 instead of 9:30. She has received word that the Regional Office has planned to hold youth camps at Bethany Hills again this summer.  She will start talking up that important activity.

Property – Andy reported that he has spent over $600.00 in repairs for the church which includes a new motor for the a/c.  There is an ongoing problem with a leak in the fellowship hall.  It will be investigated further.  At this time, all light bulbs have been replaced.  Entergy has a program where they will come to a business and replace outdated bulbs with newer variety.  Andy will look into this. The light in the men’s room has been replaced and a new mop, bucket, and wet floor signs have been purchased.

Van – Ken has checked on getting a second opinion on repairs.

An offer of $50.00 has been made for the copier.  As weather warms, potholes will be repaired as time allows. 

Deacons – Edison will be the new chair with Janie assisting and training.

Elders – Monica said the Elders will meet on January 23 with their ordination to be held on January 16. 

Worship – The next big church special event will be Lent which begins with Ash Wednesday on March 2.  Ken will be gone January 30 and Mike Brower will preach.

Masks and social distancing will be continued.

We will hold parking lot church in June this year.

Mike Brower will be finished with therapy and will return to work on January 24.  He will then return to baking and full volunteering.  He’s doing well.

A reminder that graduations will be coming in June.

Women – the women will sponsor the potluck in February with a fundraising chili meal.  More info will follow.  Also, items will be collected for the Miss Grace shower.

Charlotte closed in prayer.




Gracenotes  for 1/10/2022

Hello Everyone,          

I always enjoy Sundays when you have potluck luncheons because this is the only time I get to see some of you.  I really want to thank whoever puts together a plate for me since I don't get there until most of the buffet is put away. You do realize that you are all welcome to attend board meetings and you don't have to be a board member.  Next time potluck & board meeting comes around feel free to stay for the meeting also.       

 The sermon title for this coming Sunday is Separating the Wheat from the Weeds.  The scripture reading is Matthew 13: 24-30.  

 The church is collecting dry food items, (i.e., rice, pasta, beans, etc.) for the Olive Branch

Food Ministry this month.  Please help make some family's life a little easier by donating some of these items.        I hope you have a good week.  Stay warm.



 The Season of Christmas is over.  Epiphany is over.  The shepherds are back in the fields, and the magi have gone home, wherever home is/was.  We now enter the first of two periods in the Christian year called "Ordinary Time."  This does not mean time that is just ordinary, but time that is ordered or ordained.  This period lasts until the beginning of Lent.  This year Ash Wednesday falls on March 2.  From now until then we will be moving along in the Christian year, but not celebrating any specific occasions.  The liturgical color for Ordinary Time is green.  Look for green cloths on the pulpit and lectern, and a green stole on my pulpit robe.  Just for a change now and then I might wear a red stole, to shake things up a bit.   

This coming Sunday we will be installing our new deacons and elders, and ordaining Andy Rushing to the office of elder.  We will ordain and install Will Vance as elder the next Sunday (23rd).  This is an important event in the life of Graceland Christian Church.  These elders and deacons are the spiritual leaders of this congregation, elected by you to these positions.  Please be in worship this Sunday if at all possible to demonstrate your support for your new leaders.

    This is your last chance to take home any poinsettias you may have bought to honor or memorialize someone.  Any plants left at the end of worship Sunday will be offered to those groups who use our church for meetings. The plants will be on a cart in the lobby of the house side.

    We have stored the Christmas card box away for another year.  All cards left in the box are on my desk.  We will mail them out to those to whom cards were addressed, but who have not been attending worship.  If you are in worship Sunday, and want to find out if there is a card or cards for you, please check with me Sunday.  It will save us postage.




Monday, January 10                         
 7:00 PM Square Dancing

Tuesday, January 11                         

6:00 PM Round Dancing                                                           

7:00 PM Line Dancing 

Wednesday, January 12                   

6:00 PM Bible Study                                                          

No choir practice this week                                                         

7:00 PM  AA/Alanon meeting

Saturday, January 15                       

10:00 - 11:00 AM  Tutoring

Sunday, January 16                           

9:30 AM  Sunday School                                                         

11:00 AM  Worship Service                                                         

Installation of new church leaders during Worship

Monday, January 17                         

7:00 PM Square Dancing

Tuesday, January 18                         

6:00 PM Round Dancing                                                         

7:00 PM Line Dancing 

Wednesday, January 19                   

6:00 PM Bible Study                                                          

7:00 PM Choir Practice                                                         

7:00 PM  AA/Alanon meeting

Saturday, January 22                       

10:00 - 11:00 AM  Tutoring

Sunday, January 23                         

9:30 AM  Sunday School                                                         

11:00 AM  Worship Service                                                          

Elders meeting following Worship


Cesare Leonard                            1/1
Megan Oliveria                              1/2
Maggie Grisham                            1/3
Erica Grisham                                1/6
Samantha Oliveria                         1/21
Sebastian Oliveria                         1/23
Geneva Colburn                            1/27
Jane Alred                                     1/28
Carolyn Brower                             1/31
Daniel Coulston                             1/31


Topic: Graceland Sunday Service. 
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Mitchell Melton                                                                                    
Catherine Yeager - doing great                                                                             
Terry Barrett (Joyce) – waiting for heart transplant                                  
Connie Russell                                                                                         
Capt. Jeromy & Kelsey Baird (Jan & Don’s granddaughter & husband stationed in South Korea – in Nashville Wednesday                          Virginia Fisher (Danny’s mother) cancer has spread to bones                         
Bobby Neyman – Alzheimer’s                                                               
 Beverley Faverty – for endurance & peace                                              
George & Donna Mares – George needs liver transplant (Andy)              
LeAnne & Dale Atkins – hoping to adopt a baby (niece & nephew of Carolyn & Mike)
Sharron Neff (Vicky’s sister-in-law) surgery was successful                                 
For the health care community dealing with covid patients                       
For those who are very ill & their families                                           
 For the unvaccinated                                                                       
 Tutoring program (Jane)                                                                                 
 Danny Fisher                                                                                        
Makayla Noble – happy to be back home                                    
Dino’s cousin                                                                                 
Joyce – mobility problems                                                                             
Jeremy Harper – continuing to try with new church plant                                     
 Marion & Rita O’Mary                                                                                     
Thelma Cherry – congestive heart failure/chronic kidney disease (Phyllis) 
D’Arcy Griggs – more surgery needed for growths
Hattie Lucille – celebrated 7th birthday/in chemo/doing well (Barbara Lee)                                   
Tara – financial trouble for family (Sophie)                                              
Al Wesson (Linda’s brother) lymphoma returned after 20 yrs./meets w/oncologist 1/11
Andy Short – getting better (Kathryn’s son-in-law)
Sam – is getting help dealing with family issues (Jan & Don)
For the tornado victims & rebuilding towns
South Baldwin Christian Church   
Dave's brother is retiring & moving to Mississippi  
Jane's former husband died
Mary Brower & Bessie Russell (members of square dance group) died
Cataract surgery on Thursday (Linda)
Jan Hill - heart attack ( friend of Janie's)                                    

PRAYER BOX:                                                                                         
  Delena – anxiety/still wants prayers     


David Ashby’s son died on October 26th.  Pray for family


Mike & Carolyn B. were back in church Sunday.  Good to see Mike making progress on knee rehab



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What We Do

Worship Services in Southaven, MS

Worship Service in Southaven, MS

At Graceland Christian Church our worship service in Southaven, MS, is a blended style. We use the piano for accompaniment, and our choir delivers more than its size might normally. Angie and Zak are gifted musicians, and many of our choir members are gifted singers. We offer communion every week, and all are welcome at the Lord's Table. Children stay in worship until after the children's Sermon when they leave and go to Children's Church. Pastor Ken preaches timely and thoughtful messages. All are welcome to attend our worship service in Southaven, MS, at 11:00 each Sunday.

Christian Education in Southhaven, MS

We believe christian education in Southaven, MS, does not end when a child is a teen. There are many adults who have left the church after they were baptized/confirmed, and that's where their education about faith, the Bible, God, and Jesus ends. As adults, we need opportunities to learn again or relearn those things we were taught at a young age. At Graceland Christian Church, we do not tell you what you MUST believe but encourage you to find your own belief system with the help of others. Our adult class meets each Sunday at 10:00 and another class meets each Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Our elementary children meet at 10:15 on Sundays and our teens meet at 9:30.


Church Services In Southaven, MS   

Choose Graceland Christian Church for church services in Southaven, MS. Contact us today for more information at (662) 342-6098.